My Solution in Annotation

Comfortable in use. Readable Waveforms and Spectrograms.

Annotation Pro enables sound analysis based on visual inspection of waveforms and spectrograms. Configurable sound display.

Unlimited number of annotation layers.

Working with multiple annotation layers is one of the core features in Annotation Pro. Multiple layers enable combining information of various types and levels of analysis within one common workspace.

File management

Thanks to the Workspace options your annotation files can be easily ordered and grouped according to your needs. Workspace enables also the control of edition history, playbacks and evaluation.

Graphical representation of the feature space

A flexible, user-defined graphical representation of the feature space makes it possible to use continuous rating scales in annotation specifications. A useful tool for conducting perceptual tests for analyses needing continuous and/or discrete rating scales.

Several methods to visualize audio

Spectrogram with the possibility of switching on/off the segment boudaries supports precise visual inspection.

Annotation Pro main features


Annotation Pro is a great tool for annotation of audio and text files. You can create many time-aligned annotation layers. It is very easy to select fragments of recordings, dynamically zoom to selection or to a point with the mouse scroll, play, re-play and loop the sound.

Spectrogram with the possibility of switching on/off the segment boudaries supports precise visual inspection.


Workspace functionality enables comfortable file management, grouping files, opening previously stored file collections. You will not need to dig through folders and files in search for your recordings and annotations. Workspace automatically opens collections of pairs audio + annotation. Additionally, this option offers basic statistics for file collections, e.g. number of actions related to opening the file, modifications, re-plays or working status of file (accepted or not).

Graphical Feature Space

Graphical representation of the feature space is an innovative solution applied to a general purpose annotation software tool. The graphical representation enables using non-categorial features for the annotated recordings or texts. Thanks to this solution it is possible to easily apply continuous (or any desired) rating scales to annotation of your data (e.g. annotation of emotion).

Perceptual Tests

Annotation Pro supports the design and conducting of Perception Tests. You can decide which operations will be available for the participants of your test: anonymity of the test, hiding file names, the number of signal repetitions, availability of editing options, which annotation layers are accessible during the test, etc.
Thanks to Annotation Pro your work with the recording and text annotation (e.g. morphological glossing) will be a real pleasure. When we developed this application, our main goal was to create a tool enabling an easy, effective and succesful work. Annotation Pro will make work and studies an exciting adventure and a real pleasure.